Hand-eye-object co-ordination is a skill that takes a lot of practice. It is needed to do a variety of everyday activties such as writing, playing ball sports, hammering nails. Here are a few things you can do with your baby or toddler to start developing and practicing these skills...

These activities develop hand-eye and foot-eye co-ordination, and help develop an awareness of preferred hand and foot.

• Extra large balls to sit and bounce on, stand on, lie on their stomach (all these activities supported), and push and roll the ball. Blow-up plastic beach ball inexpensive alternative.
• Textured balls
• Suspending stocking ball or balloon from the ceiling low enough so baby can kick it
• Bubbles
• Feathers
• Rolling a ball gently over baby’s body while they are lying down
• Rolling away from baby so they have to crawl after it
• Roll the ball from side to side while sitting on the floor – eye tracking for baby
• Rolling the ball between you on floor
• Textured beanbags (made out of wool, stain, fleece, lycra etc), different shapes

• Stocking ball that child can hold and kick themselves
• Skittles
• Batting block towers over with cardboard cylinder or newspaper roll, then progressing to tapping a moving object (balloon or ball)
• Kicking stationary objects, such as skittles, beanbags, empty plastic milk containers, using both legs, using appropriate language
•  Kicking moving objects (balloons, balls)
• Rolling a ball through a variety of tunnels (hoop, under line of chairs, bucket, stack of blocks, into a bucket)
• Throwing beanbags