Children love playing in the sandpit. Here are a few good reasons why they should...

Most children spend a lot of time in the sandpit. There are many benefits to sandpit play, which many of us do not realise.

Sand play helps develop basic maths and science concepts like exploring, classifying, estimating, experimenting, measuring and constructing. As they dig, shovel, lift, carry and rake the children are developing their muscles and gross motor skills. When they pour, sift, mould and pat the sand they are working on and exercising their smaller muscles in their fingers and hands - fine motor skills. Sandpits also provide excellent opportunities for social interaction as children play alongside each other, or in a group. There can be many conversations as children work together, talking about what they are doing, role playing and sharing equipment. They can also learn concepts such as “gritty”, “fine”, “coarse”, “texture” as adults sit with them and talk about sand.

The sandpit is just one of many areas where children can learn while they play. Sometimes just sitting by and watching children at play in the sandpit can be very enlightening for adults to – there can be some amazing interactions and conversations observed at the sandpit – we sometimes underestimate what these little people know!!