AIM: To ensure that the Centre is given adequate notice of a Child’s non attendance so that staffing can be adjusted and/or places made available to casual clients.


Parents / Caregivers are required to advise the Centre by 8.00am on the day of the booking if their Child/ren will not be present at the Centre. A message can be left on the Answer Machine outside Centre hours.

Where a booking is in place cancellations of bookings will incur a fee. This amount is 50% of the usual booking.

Eg: If your Child falls sick or is absent but you notify the Centre by 8am you will only be charged half of your normal booking fee. Failure to notify the Centre of sickness or absences by 8am will mean bookings will incur the full charge.

To avoid cancellation fees Parents/Caregivers need to notify the Centre of absences by 8am the Wednesday prior to the following week.

If you are late collecting your Child, a late fee of $5.00 will be charged per 15 minutes or part thereof.

If you fail to notify the Office that your child will not be attending a booking more than twice in a row, your permanent booking for those days will be cancelled.

Special circumstances are at the discretion of the Head Teacher and the Office Manager.