AIM:  To ensure the safe collection of children from the Centre.


On enrolment the Office Manager must ascertain and record the names and address of the guardians.

The Head Teacher must ensure that all Teachers and Staff are informed of access arrangements.

Parents/guardians/whanau must inform the Centre of custody and access arrangements.

No child will be permitted to leave the Centre with any person but those named on the enrolment/permission to collect form.

Persons forbidden by law to have access to the child will be named on the enrolment form.  Any changes to access and permission to collect by legal parents/guardians must be by Court Order.

Written permission is needed for all people collecting your child. Verbal Notification is also required on the day that someone other than the usual person collects your child.

If teachers or staff are concerned for the child’s safety because they believe the person collecting the child is under the influence of a mind altering substances they will endeavour to delay the collection.  While they are being delayed the Head Teacher will contact the appropriate emergency contacts or permission to collect people. 

If a child has not been collected from the Childcare Centre within 30 minutes of their stated collection time, and all reasonable attempts to contact parents/whanau caregivers or emergency contact have failed, the Head Teacher should telephone the Children and Young Persons Section of the Department of Social Welfare or the Police to advise them that the child has not been collected and to ask for further direction.