At Southern Stars Early Learning Centre we have an Under 2's Room within the building. This area is separated from the Over 2's by a slatted wooden fence and gate.

Curriculum of Care

There are many years for children to take part in a lot of different activities, but at this early stage (under two years) of their development it is far more important to love, and to be loved, to respect and be respected. 

We provide a natural and exciting environment, and encourage learning and development through our everyday care rountines and rituals, such as nappy changing, meal times and sleep times. This creates consistency between home and Southern Stars. Our youngest children have the freedom to move, and play with the support of unhurried and peaceful Teachers.

Baby sign language is used for simple words and is role-modelled and encouraged through the day, as well as other forms of communication like singing, dancing and reading.

Our Under Two Curriculum of Care includes walks out in to the local community - we visit local land marks and people we may know. 

We also emphasise Virtues that encourage social and life skills by forming trusting relationships and learning about our feelings. Virtues include 'Respect for Yourself', 'Respect for Others' and 'Respect for the Environment'. 

Te reo Maori is a part of the Early Childhood Curriculum and is included in everyday language and activities. 

Kai/Meal Times

Our meal times are a precious ritual, with table cloths, table decorations/centre pieces and special crockery. Creating these beautiful experiences for children ignites the senses and creates a feeling of community. Meal times are a peaceful time for children to come together and share a special experience.