AIM: To have guidelines to ensure that all disputes and complaints are dealt with in a manner that suits all parties.

To enable people to discuss any concerns and solve them without resorting to the licensing body.

If a Parent/Caregiver has a concern they should FIRSTLY directly address the Head Teacher.

If a Parent/Caregiver still feels unhappy they may consult the Centre Manager or President of the Management Committee, whose names and phone numbers are available from the office.

If the complaint is regarding non-compliance with licensing conditions the complainant should follow the procedure described in the Display of License and Information Policy.

Management should at all times keep the Head Teacher informed.

If the concern is with the Head Teacher, the Centre Manager or the President of the Management committee should be contacted. If the concern is with the Manager, the President of the Management Committee should be contacted.  All formal complaints should be made in writing and addressed to the Centre Manager or President of the Management Committee.

All formal complaints will be minuted and replied to.

Complaints should be able to be resolved in consultation with management representatives, Head Teacher, Parent/Caregiver and the person against whom the complaint has been made.

If no solution is reached the Parent/Caregiver has the right to have their concerns raised with the licensing body, The Ministry of Education.