To provide sleeping facilities to the standards prescribed in the Education

(Early Childhood Centres) regulations 1998.

Sleeping/resting children shall be monitored on a regular basis to ensure their safety

and well being.



Each new parent/caregiver of children under 2 will be consulted as to the requirements

for their sleeping child and that no child will be allowed in bed with a bottle or food.

Parents/caregivers will be asked to write their child's requirement on the whiteboard in

the under 2 area each day.

Over 2 children to be put to bed at their Parents/caregivers request and this will

also be written up on the whiteboard in the under 2 area.

Babies up to the age of 6 months will sleep in the under 2 area which will have

a staff member present at all times unless written permission from the parent/caregiver

has been obtained.

New Staff will not be permitted to enter the Sleep room for the first two months of

their employment or at the discretion of the head teacher.

Children in sleep room shall be checked by staff member every Five minutes, with a

baby monitor in place and turned on. A timer is in place.

No child is to be given or has access to any fluids while in the sleep room

Soothing music may be played in the sleep room when children are put to bed.

Stressed children will be comforted by a staff member in the sleep room until they go

to sleep or are returned  to the under 2 area. Another staff member will regularly spot

check the staff member in the sleep room through the window.

Older children (over 2) who do not wish to sleep in the sleep room may rest in the

book area on the sofa or stretcher beds or in the under two area.  Stories may be

read to these children.